Mr Reliable on any film set. You won’t see him without a camera or a ham & cheese sandwich.



When she’s not tending to her Monstera or binge watching horror films, she’s smashing every animation project given to her.



Breathes music, eats films and drinks positivity. ‘Anything is possible’ is his mojo and work, his playground.



Champion film editor knocking out edits left, right and centre. Also a fiend for a cheeky Nandos.



Glue to the whole team and happiest thrashing a white ball around 18 holes or taking the team to the pub.



When she isn’t pushing film edits to their max, she can be found drawing portraits of pets, out running or raiding the snack cupboard for jelly beans.



Chief of Colouring-In and dreaming up films, while chasing photography awards in his spare time.



Our organisational wizard. When she isn’t plotting night shoots she’ll be at the gym, walking her three dogs or on a cocktail night with friends.



Producing content is her middle name. Has a passion for synchronised swimming and underwater photography get’s her out of bed.



Lives for writing emails and supporting our clients. Devours films and all sports, and may take a picture every now and then.



Thrown in the deep end of film editing, and smashing it. She’s keen on photography, hiking and playing with her 4 dogs.



Therapy in the office and constant food hoover.



Do you look at the world a bit differently?

Are you a storyteller?
Do you think in images rather than words?
Are you happiest when you need to figure things out?
Are you at your best when you’re collaborating with clients?

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Head of Filming

Are you a talented Filmmaker who can combine creative story-telling with the ability to simplify the complex through sophisticated films? Can you show us something new you’ve been experimenting with?

Camera Operator

Are you outrageously good at lighting a film set to create the perfect backdrop for an interviewee? Have you explored new ways to create slick, professional films? Do you possess strong director skills so that you can get the best out of the subject being filmed?


Are you a talented Video Editor who can combine creative story-telling with strong marketing messaging? Do you produce slick, professional videos that surpass all expectations? Do you enjoy working with clients to produce the best you’ve got?