Crowdfunder partnered with Portsmouth Council to help gain financial support for small businesses and projects in the city. Working in the heart of the pandemic, we brought their success stories to life while capturing the essence of the city’s heart and soul.

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Crowdfunder is a platform that connects ideas and projects with community funding. They partnered with Portsmouth Council in an innovative scheme to help gain support for small businesses and projects in the city.

Along with celebrating the project’s success we were tasked with encouraging other councils to see partnering with Crowdfunder as an alternative way of raising funds at a time when budgets were under extreme pressure.

Like many of the films we produce, we are highly aware of the need to capture hearts and minds. So, we researched and created stories around two key elements – the success of the projects and Portsmouth itself, capturing many of the things that give the city its heart and soul – small to large; famous and unknown.

Customer advocacy videos are one of the most valuable but difficult types of film to produce because you’re working with your clients’ clients.  Our experience and approach ensure we create a relaxed environment enabling interviewee and clients to feel totally at ease (even when our clients aren’t on the shoot).

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Our ongoing relationships with clients like Sage come from our team knowing the right questions to ask and having a deep understanding of the client’s business and needs. These strong, long-term relationships mean we hit the ground running every time we work on new ideas, ensuring smooth working processes and even better outcomes.

BigFix, the endpoint management system, needed a series of product explainer films to demonstrate their services. We took their complex and technical documentation, simplifying it, scripting it and bringing it to life beautifully, using clear, simple and compelling animation.

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BigFix is an endpoint management system for mobile, virtual or cloud. When they asked us to create a series of product explainer films to demonstrate their services we lived and breathed our philosophy ‘Complex stories. Made simple.’ Our animators’ accuracy and deep product knowledge meant the whole project went smoothly. Delivery was on time and on budget and our films were on brief and on point.

We hate admitting defeat. So, when lockdown could have gotten in the way of producing some employee videos for agency MSL and their client Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) we needed a smart approach. The answer was animation but we still wanted to film and record staff members. So, we created remote filming kits which we sent to them. The result? Fresh, bespoke covid secure, animated films. And happy clients.

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From adversity comes opportunity. Yep, we agree with that. Sometimes it is the constraints on a project that unleash the most creative solutions, and that was certainly the case with this. Covid could have severely limited this project but by working closely with our partners MSL, creating remote filming and recording kits, and turning to an animated solution we produced content that everyone involved was really proud of and which ran across LBG’s social channels.

SalesTrip gives employees a fast and easy way to track and claim their travel expenses.

We created a series of films to show the benefits of the platform to CEOs, sales people and finance departments. No easy feat when each have very different agendas. 

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The SalesTrip platform not only gives employees a fast and easy way to track and claim their travel expenses it also offers companies visibility on the ROI of those expenses, helping to determine if the expense is worthwhile or not. Communicating the benefits of the platform to different stakeholders in the films we created was critical to ensure uptake and ongoing use of the platform. Timings for the project were tight but by becoming an extended part of the marketing team, we were able to develop scenarios where we showed the platform in action and identified the right talent and locations to make the films credible and engaging.

MSL’s client EY wanted to attract a more diverse workforce into EY Financial Services across Europe. We travelled to a number of European cities to interview recent graduates, finding out about their experiences of working for EY. But we also added city footage, creating a sense of what life in those cities was really like. The campaign was a huge success helping to engage a broader pool of talent and drive diversity.

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Could we shoot a series of films across Europe promoting diversity? For MSL’s clients EY? How could we say no?

Interviewing current graduates from diverse backgrounds was vital, but we didn’t stop there. So much of a graduate’s life goes beyond their time working. The cities they live in and the lifestyles they live is a vital ingredient in attracting talent.  So, we also wandered streets of Amsterdam, Madrid, Frankfurt and London capturing b-roll footage, to add colour and texture to the 20 films we ultimately produced.

Both MSL and EY were extremely happy and The Bring yourself, not just your subject campaign was a huge success in helping to engage a broader pool of talent and drive diversity in EY Financial Services across EMEIA.

ThoughtSpot asked us to capture both the highlights and the energy and spirit of their Beyond 2019 conference in Dallas, Texas. We became the eyes and ears of the event, constantly looking for opportunities, planned and unplanned, to create engaging content to run across multiple internal and external channels.

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ThoughtSpot’s mission is to create a more fact-driven world by providing customers with the easiest to use analytics platform. With ThoughtSpot, anyone can leverage natural language search and AI to uncover data insights in seconds.

At their Beyond 2019 conference in Dallas, Texas, we became the eyes and ears of the event. But that’s not all. ThoughtSpot have entrusted us to film their interviews, conferences and events across the world for several years now. Why? Because we’ve built a brilliant working relationship together – they trust us, and know we’ll deliver every time.

We believe that 90% of making an event shoot successful is what you do before that event starts. Meticulous planning and preparation and seamless teamwork ensure that we know exactly what we need to achieve, something that has resulted in the BTN Group entrusting us with filming their Business Travel Awards since 2014.

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We have a simple belief about shooting live events – you only get one chance to get it right! By planning, planning and planning again, we not only ensure we can deliver all of the planned content, we give ourselves the best chance to capture spontaneous moments – those little pieces of magic that make ‘live’ so exciting.

We’ve worked with Ledlenser for over 10 years, creating product explainer films for their world class, innovative torches.  But we never just settle for the obvious.  For the introduction of their M Series, we focused on the aesthetics of the premium product design using macro view close ups and dramatic lighting.

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We pride ourselves on never settling for the obvious. Ledlenser is a world leading manufacturer of portable lighting products such as torches, headlamps, and lanterns. While much of our output for them, during our 10-year relationship has been product explainer films, we are always looking to create content that showcases the featured device and best tells the product stories: whether that’s live action, presenter-led or graphics and special effects.

We love working with ambitious clients and are incredibly proud of our award-winning product videos for CK Tools. So, when they asked us for something even more ambitious for their latest product launch, we were up for the challenge! The resulting films appeared across CK’s social channels and were used with distributors as a sales tool, driving business and helping to amass a global reach online.

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Our approach to launching the Magma tool case was to create short, engaging, and fun videos using stop motion to animate tools rushing to fill the bag. This tongue in cheek delivery, gave each tool its own personality and energy, creating a film that was way more engaging and distinctive than most of what is seen in the category.