Customer advocacy videos are one of the most valuable sales assets that we produce for our clients.

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Our ongoing relationship with clients like Sage continues to grow with our team knowing the right questions to ask and having a deep understanding of their customers’ business and needs.

Our strong, long-term collaboration with Sage means we hit the ground running every time we work on new ideas, ensuring smooth working processes and even better outcomes.The Pizza Pilgrim testimonial was one of five finalists for the Adzact Awards, being commended for its storytelling approach and emotional appeal.


Having produced numerous customer case studies for ThoughtSpot around the globe, the VIEW team was flown back out to Australia to capture further stories of the tech giant’s success.

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In this instance we see how ThoughtSpot has transformed a leading Australian car sales platform by significantly accelerating data analysis and enabling self-service insights.

This testimonial not only highlights the positive partnership between Carsales and ThoughtSpot, but also illustrates the perfect ‘Customer Journey’ story. By filming cutaway footage we incorporated a parallel story outlining the smooth journey for a Carsales customer using ThoughtSpot’s solution.


Explaining the value proposition of software solutions can get too technical when placed in the wrong hands. That’s why FUTURE Software asked us to deliver a technical solution in a style that emphasised the business benefits that related directly to the end user.

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By understanding the psychology behind collaboration and teamwork, we produced a unique style of animation that supported the innovative approach of FUTURESoftware.

The beauty of working with animation is being able to transform technical messaging into simple and engaging visuals.


How do you capture client content from around the world without killing your budget?

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We decided on animation for a recent Sales Kick Off. We spiced up client remote recordings by blending metaphorical imagery with their real-life conversations. Through piecing together the narratives of three case studies, this allowed them to reinforce each other’s key takeaways.

The success of this story is not only in the valuable testimonials that ThoughtSpot were able to showcase at their event, but in the power of simple animation in storytelling and in the remarkable ability to present three advocacy stories at net zero air miles.


“Never work with animals!” We did, and enjoyed every moment when we created a corporate video for Get Set Pet.

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There’s no better time to stand out from the crowd than when you’re looking for financial investment and Get Set Pet ditched the slide deck for a video. This gave them the opportunity to not only provide facts and figures geared towards the investment community, but also to show the warm, authentic values of the team.

With the help of the testimonial video, Get Set Pet achieved 257% of their target to raise funds to accelerate their growth.


ESS Group supports businesses’ drive towards decarbonisation and achieving net zero. With sustainability being a top priority for most companies, being B Corp certified was a major goal for EES Group, so they wanted to showcase improvements in all business areas.

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We collaborated with their team across every stage, making sure our vision aligned to their values and brand throughout, hitting the key messages, retaining their personality and creating something that held viewer engagement with a lasting impression.

With over 54,000 views, it’s safe to say businesses are serious about sustainability.


Elastic doesn’t just send us to Frankfurt and Amsterdam to film their conference.

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What other time do you get the chance to capture your CEO with clients, partners and colleagues in one day? An event is the perfect opportunity to produce multiple video assets, like a highlights video that can be repurposed as next year’s promo video. Or some customer success stories for the advocacy programme; perfect for sales opportunities.

At ElasticON 2024 we captured 12 customer stories alongside vox pops, presentations and tech tracks and delivered a total of 41 videos to Elastic.


Sometimes the most effective way to acknowledge excellence and recognise achievement is from the comfort of your own office. With an experienced crew by your side, offices can make excellent studios and employees make relatable and personable hosts.

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When it came to Blue Prism’s award show, we took inspiration from video podcasts to include as many guests as possible, talking through numerous categories, winners and industry specifics.

The result ended up being a 90 minute show that captivated audiences throughout, with positive analytics proving the show’s success.


Teamwork really makes the dream work. This was evident when asked to film 7 DJ’s in 7 different cities, promoting 7 products for Technics in the space of 2 weeks, with an output of 97 final films. Everyone really pulled together to make this 50th Anniversary campaign work.

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Our friends at MSL had planned for each artist to perform a 10 minute DJ set using a limited edition turntable. The 7 sets would be compiled into 1, with each flowing into the next, all the while animation reflecting the beat would animate in a bold colour to emphasise the product range.


This project took the collective expertise of the entire team, from the pre production planning, to the final polish – and everything in between.


We love working with ambitious clients and are incredibly proud of our award-winning product videos for CK Tools. The films appeared across CK’s social channels and were used with distributors as a sales tool, driving business and helping to amass a global reach online.

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Our approach to launching the Magma tool case was to create short, engaging, and fun videos using stop motion to animate tools rushing to fill the bag. This tongue in cheek delivery gave each tool its own personality, creating a film that reflected on fun as well as practicality.